Key Signals Indicating the Necessity of Upgrading Your Swimming Pool’s Water Filtration System

Components in the swimming pool, such as the filter, the pool pump and even the chlorinator, need to be in their best condition to deliver optimal performance. However, despite your best efforts, you might see that the water in the swimming pool is ceasing to be as sparkling as it used to be. If it happens, then the water filter system in the swimming pool might need a change. To ascertain whether your swimming pool filteration systems might need a change, you can look for the following signs.

The filter remains strained even after a thorough cleaning

Just like the filters in your air cleaner, or vacuum cleaner, the cartridge swimming pool filteration systems start staining over a time of prolonged use. This means that the filters might stop appearing clear even after you repeatedly spray them with a water hose. Of course, there are times when the filters retain some dirt, even after you cleanse them. But when the filters start appearing dark even after repeated cleansing, then it could be time to replace them.

Cracked/ broken Plastic Circle on the filter

These circle-shaped structures are often present on the filters’ top. It allows the unfiltered water to pass through it for filtration. This means that even a tiny crack in such parts can lead to serious hygiene issues. So the sooner you replace them, the better.

Poor quality water

Often, to purify the swimming pool water, pool owners use chemicals. While prolonged use of such chemicals can be harmful to the skin, it might not always be the ultimate answer to your water purification needs. And even after using such chemicals, you might see the water appearing dirty or even murky. Also, there are times when the water starts losing its clarity really fast. This is likely to happen when there is some fault in the pool filter.

Too much backwashing

When the swimming pool water filter system starts ageing, the components inside it also start to wear away. This can make the pool water dirty at a rapid pace. To make up for this, you would need to backwash the filter repeatedly. You would even need to clean it more frequently than you used to. And this is a clear sign that your pool water needs a change urgently.

When Technicians Might Help

If you see the deposition of diatomaceous earth or sand particles inside the pool bottom, then the filter might not need a complete change. Call a pool technician to see whether it has anything to do with the diatomaceous grids or the laterals of the sand filter.

Getting Back to Your Pool

Maintaining your pools can be tricky, especially if you are managing them without professional help. And DIY methods do not work best for your pool health. This is why one-stop pool solution providers like Atlantis Pool offer customized services so that all their clients enjoy optimal help on the most practical budget possible. And your pools deserve to be kept in safe hands so that they can deliver you unlimited fun and cherished memories in return.  

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