Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Swimming Pool Water Filter System

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Swimming Pool Water Filter System

Ranging from pressure problems to leaking valves, the swimming pool that you have might face a number of issues. The sooner you tend to the issues, the better it will be. But what are the signs that say that your pool absolutely needs some repair? Let us consider.

When the Pool ceases to be as clear as it looked

Your pool water would indicate whether the swimming pool filteration systems are working fine. If your pool appears cloudy or dirty, then it means that the filter might be man-performing. There are also other contaminants that might make it unsuitable for swimming.

When there is Bacteria or Algae build up in your filter

Do you see the accumulation of microorganisms, such as algae, in your pool’s filter? Then, it might signal that your filter is not effectively removing them from pool water. Consequently, the organisms keep growing up, eventually impacting the safety and health of the pool.

The Filter is Recurrently Breaking Down

An impaired filter would stop working in the way that it would perform earlier. This could be due to the fact that your filter is having a tough time clearing up the debris and dirt. Over time, it can damage the other parts of your pool filter. This can make your filter break down more frequently than ever.

The Pressure of Water in the Pool is faltering

If the pressure of water in the pools becomes less than what it used to provide before, then the filter might have gone bad. There are times when the filter gets clogged or damaged. This can negatively affect the water pressure of the filter pools.

Other signs that tell your Pool Health’s Condition

Apart from what you have just read, there are a few more ways to tell whether the swimming pool water filter system has gone wrong. For example:

  • The valves having multiple ports might leak.
  • The valves fail altogether.
  • The materials get bad or broken.
  • The tank fails.

How long are the pool filters likely to Work?

The sturdiness of the filters of the pool would depend on the quality of the products that you choose. It would also depend on your frequency of use. Last but never least, it depends on the type of filter that you choose. To begin with, sand filters are likely to last about 3-7 years, even without changing sand content. However, if you are using cartridges, then you might need to change it every 3-4 seasons of use. Moreover, you would need to clean the carriages every month. Then again, if you use a new age D.E. or diatomaceous earth filter, then you might need to change them more frequently. This is because these filters are not very easy to clean. So, changing the D.O. powder for maintenance can be tricky.

Contacting a Professional

Mumbai-based companies like Atlantis Pool offer top-class maintenance and service for competitive prices. So whether your pool needs just a routine clean-up or a bigger repair or replacement job, then the teams working there can give the service that you need.

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