Tips for Choosing a Color and Pattern for Your Swimming Pool Liner

Tips for Choosing a Color and Pattern for Your Swimming Pool Liner

Maybe you need a new pool liner because your old one appears boring. Or maybe you are buying a brand new pool and are trying to find out more information regarding liners for your pool. Whatever your reason may be, deciding on the perfect pool liner for your swimming pool can be somewhat difficult. It would certainly be great if you are able to choose a liner that combines awesome looks, outstanding durability, and good fit.

To Tile Or Not To Tile?

This is the very first question that will need your answer. The pattern of your pool liner’s tile can effectively accent your swimming pool. But you can always decide not to use tile at all. It will depend on your unique preferences or tastes. If you prefer to seek advice, you can always approach swimming pool liner suppliers in your area.

There is also the option to use a liner without its tile section so you will have a dark and plain strip of pool liner between the edge of the pool deck and the waterline. This can create a stunning look for your pool in the right situation.

Should you choose to use tile, then you will need to choose which color and pattern you want for your pool.

Consider Your Setting

As you think about the most stunning color for your swimming pool vinyl membrane, it may be a good idea to take a look around your pool area. Is the area landscaped? Are there trees or colorful plants? When you have a lot of green plants and trees around your pool, natural shades or earthier tones will blend well with the surroundings. If your setting is more on the minimalist side, solid colors may be a good option.

The Color Of Water

You may have noticed that the pool at your child’s school appears to have water that is green while your next door neighbor’s pool appears to have sparkly blue water. You could be wondering what’s going on. The fact is that the color of the liner that you choose for your pool affects how the water in the pool appears. As most swimming pool liner suppliers will tell you, darker colored liners such as dark gray or navy, may make water appear to be deeper that it actually is. Lighter shades can make the pool water appear inviting and bright. This means you need to figure out what type of mood you want to set for your pool.

Hot or Cold?

If you live in an area where the climate can get very hot, a lighter colored swimming pool vinyl membrane would be a good choice as they do not absorb much heat and can help keep the water cool. Dark colored liners tend to absorb heat which can then warm up your pool’s water and are great if you live in an area with milder climate.

Patterns, Anyone?

The thing is, no matter what color of pool liner you choose, there will be innumerable patterns and tile options to choose from. Your swimming pool liner suppliers will surely have samples for you to choose from. Patterns are available which can make your liners appear like they are made from natural stone, ceramic tiles, jewels, mosaics, or even granite.

If you have a deck encasing your pool, you can easily choose a pattern that will complement it or any other features in your backyard.

For best results with choosing your swimming pool vinyl membrane, consult professional pool liner providers for advice.

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